A map to find free WiFi from airports around the world

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Enjoy safe use of WiFi during your travels. Do you know that feeling of losing a flight or when there is a delay and there is nothing you can do besides sit at the airport and wait? We know you’d like to connect to an available to the public WiFi, but the network may be insecure or request for credit card information.

There is now an interactive map showing the user name and passwords of WiFi connections for almost all airports around the world. Yes, researchers in information security and pentest have developed a unique map called WiFox to find WiFi passwords to pass the time before passenger’s flight. The map is updated periodically, adding new airports from time to time.

Once a user clicks on the desired airport, the map shows the name of the airport, the name of the WiFi network and its password without any charge.

Just remember, pentest specialists mention that using a public or open WiFi connection is not the most advisable thing to do. In theory, a malicious agent can access all of your phone’s data and any device, computer, or connected service. As a minimum security measure, you should always run a virtual private network (VPN) on your device.

In addition, pentest specialists have launched a tool that, depending on your location, will issue alerts in case there is a potentially malicious WiFi network nearby, very useful for travelers.

The International Institute of Cyber Security reports that the WiFox map is available for both iOS and Android devices.