Customer data stolen from the Adidas website in the US

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Another day, another data violation; Adidas believes that hackers have not been able to access to credit card information or health and fitness data from customers.

Adidas, one of the world’s biggest sport goods manufacturers, has announced that a hacker or group of hackers attacked their United States website and, as a result, have stolen personal data from millions of customers in the region, report pentest experts.

According to the company itself, the incident is under investigation, but the details revealed by Adidas indicate that on June 26, “an unauthorized agent” successfully violated its server and managed to steal user names, contact details and encrypted passwords of “some millions of consumers”.

The Company believes that the information related to credit cards, health and physical status of its clients was not compromised, as revealed by performed pentest.

“Adidas is committed to the privacy of its consumers’ personal data. Measures were immediately taken to determine the extent of the problem and to alert the concerned consumers. Adidas is working with leading information security firms and law enforcement agencies to investigate the issue”, the company stated.

Pentest specialists commented on the breach and are said to expect what could happen. So far, Adidas believes that no sensitive information has been compromised. This, combined with the fact that the passwords are encrypted, makes the experts feel that the situation is under control.

According to the International Institute of Cyber Security, this may be a warning to companies operating with personal information from their customers, even if they follow the recommended safety practices, these attacks can still occur. Safety controls must be continuously measured, evaluated, and updated to keep up against possible attacks.

On the other hand, this is also a reminder to consumers about keeping their access keys to the different online platforms they use to keep their data safe.