Pennsylvania Birth Certificate System hacked

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Further reports suggest no records were stolen

The Pennsylvania Department of Health’s birth certificate system was closed for nearly a week last month after someone hacked into an internal website, although the attacker apparently did not subtracted or modify citizens’ records, as reported by experts in enterprise data protection services.

The investigation is now underway, said the spokesman of the Office of Price Administration, which manages the computer systems of the government agencies of Pennsylvania. The hack was discovered on June 20 and caused the system to be put out of line for emergency maintenance until June 26th.

Reports from experts in enterprise data protection services mention that the record system was compromised by someone with apparent knowledge of the system and that the agent would have made aesthetic changes on the website.

The site managers refused to explain what changes were made, opting for just saying that the appearance of the website was altered.

According to the experts in enterprise data protection services, the Office of Administration investigated the problem and confirmed that there was no data breach, adding that it has not been seen, any modified, altered, or stolen record.  “If the records were otherwise affected, the community would be obliged to notify the affected persons in accordance with state and federal laws. We are working with the law enforcement agencies in the case”, spokepersons claimed.