Services to attack businesses can be acquired from $40 USD in dark web

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Low costs for these services are a big surprise for experts

Information attacks continue to increase. According to reports of experts in enterprise data protection services from the International Institute of Cyber Security, these incidents have increased by 32% between the first quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. The frequency of these attacks is thought to be directly related to the availability of ready-to-use malicious programs.

Information security experts have analyzed about 25 dark web sites to determine the cost of the major cyber crime services, from the most simple to the most complex.

With Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access tools sold on dark web for $10, computer users have seen how easily their computers can be compromised. However, these low-cost tools do not stop in RDP, and some complex services are at incredibly low prices:

  • E-mail hack: $40
  • DoS Attack: $50
  • Website hacking: $150
  • Theft of payment card information: $270
  • Infection with mining trojan: $300
  • Infection with ransomware trojan: $750
  • ATM theft: $1500
  • Targeted attack: $4500

Starting with $40, hackers can infiltrate a company’s email and steal confidential information. With such a low price for attacks, these criminal acts are no longer directed only at large companies. Specialists in enterprise data protection services say that about 71% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are not prepared to face cybersecurity risks, and with the cheapness of organizing an attack, they need to get the proper defense.

Big companies are not safe either. Since the costs are so low, hackers could buy multiple attack services to target large companies from different angles. If hackers can’t afford the biggest and most dangerous attacks, they can still do damage with several smaller attacks.

As you can see, company security, no matter if it’s a small or large company, is under constant threat due to the large amount and accessibility of resources for malicious agents’ use, it is the responsibility of employers to establish contact with enterprise data protection services experts to know the best options to guarantee the security of their company’s information.