Data theft in Mexico City’s subway free WiFi

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Nearly 100 complaints have been presented during the first half of 2018

Since the announcement of the implementation of the free WiFi network in the public transportation system of Mexico City specialists in enterprise network security warned users about the risks of using this type of services. Today, there are reports of Mexico’s subway users related to stealing of data stored on their mobile devices through the public WiFi network, in addition to constant failures in the network’s functioning; the complaints are already approaching the hundred.

According to local media reports retaken by specialists in enterprise network security, one of the complaints refers specifically to the leak of personal data and theft of information to misuse the bank accounts of the affected user.

In its complaint, the affected user relates to having connected to the network and, just twenty minutes after completing the requested registration form, began receiving notifications of at least two bank withdrawals.  When the user went to his bank, a banking advisor commented him that the movements could have been made through the subway public WiFi network in Mexico City, using some type of malware.

Several representatives of the local Congress of Mexico City have demanded the public transport system to strengthen security measures in the public WiFi network to keep safe the information of users who choose to use the service.

Also, AT&T, the company in charge of providing the WiFi service in Mexico City’s subway, has been requested to transparent the security protocols used in the protection of users sensitive information.

According to reports of enterprise network security experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security, to use the WiFi network in Mexico City subway, it is necessary to grant a series of permissions to access personal data stored in the mobile devices that you want to connect to the network.