How to disable a home security system using Universal Radio Hacker

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Check your domestic security system quickly and easily

Universal Radio Hacker (URH) is a software to investigate unknown wireless protocols. Includes features such as:

  • Easy Signal demodulation
  • Assign tags to reveal protocol logic
  • Modulation support to inject data back into the system
  • Simulation environment to perform attacks

An ethical hacking specialist was able to demonstrate how to disable an older version of a home security system using Universal Radio hacker so that it does not include any continuous encryption.

The hacker detailed the steps to follow for the attack to work, among the resources required to do so, three elements are included:

  • Universal Radio Hacker
  • HackRF (to receive frequencies)
  • An old version of the Vivint security system to perform the tests

As for the installation of Universal Radio hacker software, specialists in ethical hacking from the International Institute of Cyber Security recommend that it is better to use an operating system like Kali Linux or ParrotOS. To install the software, run this command in the Linux box of your choice:

sudo apt-get install libhackrf-dev

sudo apt-get install python3-numpy python3-psutil python3-zmq python3-pyqt5 g++ libpython3-dev python3-pip cython3

sudo pip3 install urh

After you install the software, you will want to test the connection to your HackRF device by executing the command:


If successful, the following notice will be displayed:

Found HackRF

Serial Number: #

Board ID Number: 2

Firmware Version: 2017.02.1

Well, now that everything is set up, you must run this command:


This will start Universal hacker Radio.

Then you will see the message “Open a file or record a new signal using the File menu to start”. All you have to do is go to:

File > Record Signal

Once you’re there, make sure your device is set up:


With regard to the specific frequency of this security system, the Vivint key fob was using the frequency of 345 Mhz. Always check the frequency twice going to

After determining the frequency, set in the Frequency field. You can leave the other settings as default.

Here begins the most interesting part. As experts in Ethical hacking report this specific signal has no continuous encryption, you can record the signal and replay it. Once you receive the signal, you can save it and then re-play it at any time in the security system.

The best mitigation is to make sure your home security system meets modern specifications, and if you are using this specific manufacturer, it is best to walk and write your combination of keys.