Jailbreak for the iOS 12 system in the new Apple iPhone XS

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Bad news for the tech giant

Pangu, a hacker group established in China, is back and once again has surprised everyone with a jailbreak for iOS 12, operating system that runs on the new iPhone XS, the hacker group took almost nothing to find a way to violate the operative systems.

The Pangu hacker group had remained idle for a while, since launching the jailbreak tool for iOS 9 in October 2015.

As experts in ethical hacking from the International Institute of Cyber Security report, jailbreaking is a process of eliminating limitations on Apple’s iOS devices so that users can install third-party software not Apple-certified.

Recently, the security and ethical hacking researcher for iOS and Android, Min Zheng, shared a tweet with two screenshots that show a functional jailbreak for the Apple iPhone XS with the A12 Bionic chip achieved by one of Pangu’s researchers.

The tweet also revealed that the iOS 12 jailbreak works by avoiding a functional mitigation of PAC (pointer authentication codes) implemented on the new Apple Bionic A12 chip.

In addition, because the hardware of the iPhone XS is identical to the Iphone XS Max, experts in ethical hacking believe that this new exploit of the iOS 12 system should also work on past Apple models.

Since the Pangu team has not made any official announcement about the new jailbreak, it is unclear whether or not the team will release the jailbreak of iOS 12 to the public.

In addition, before attempting to unlock an Apple device, please note that this will violate your End-User license agreement with Apple and also expose your iOS device to security bugs, jeopardizing your personal data, so you will not receive the Apple help if something goes wrong.

Perform jailbreak on your device also opens the doors of your devices to dangerous iOS malware like KeyRider or YiSpector, developed especially for Apple devices with jailbreak.

So, the decision to apply jailbreak to your devices will depend only on you and the risks you are willing to assume.