Twitter Intelligence

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Tracking and analysis on Twitter

Experts in digital forensics introduce Twitter Intelligence, open source intelligence (OSINT) project written in Python to carry out Twitter tracking and analysis tasks without using the Twitter API itself.


  • This project is a Python 3.x application
  • Package dependencies are in the requirements.txt file. Run the following command to install the dependencies:

pip3 install-r requirements.txt


  • SQLite is used as the database
  • Tweet data is stored in Tweet, User, Location, Hashtag, HashtagTweet tables
  • The database is generated automatically, as experts in digital forensics report

Usage examples

  • Ask for help

python3 –h

  • Get tweets by username

python3 –username “HaberSau”

  • Get tweets by query

python3 –query “sakary

  • Get tweet by specific date ranges

python3 –username “HaberSau” –since 2015-09-10 –until 2015-09-12 –maxtweets 10

  • If you get the tweet location, add the –location “True” parameter, but the application will slow due to the new response times

python3 –query “sakarya” –location “True”

Analysis performs analysis processing. According to specialists in digital forensics from the International Institute of Cyber Security, Twitter Intelligence performs user, hashtag and location analysis.

  • Get help

python3 –h

  • Location analysis

python3 analysis py –location (The location analysis runs through the https://localhost:5000/locations address). You must write Google Map Api Keyat to display the map.


  • Running hashtag analysis

python3 –hashtag


  • Running user analysis

python3 –user