New version of WordPress now available: Please update your website

WordPress 5 has finally arrived

The fifth version of WordPress was released some days ago, but not without controversy, because the community of users and experts in WordPress considered that its launching has been presented in a somewhat hurried, which, according to specialists in cybersecurity and ethical hacking from the International Institute of Cyber Security, could generate multiple errors in one of the websites that operate on this platform.

WordPress 5, the new and expected version, introduces the block edition, in addition to a new theme, Twenty Nineteen, fully adapted to the new version of the editor, although all the issues before the new version will be compatible with the new editor. Experts in cybersecurity also include compatibility with PHP 7.3, improvements to the REST API, optimization of mobile device support, security updates, and other new features.

Fernando Tella, member of WordPress cybersecurity and support team, believes that we will have to wait until the beginning of the 2019 so that the errors reported in this new version are completely solved.

The 5.0.2 update, considered as platform maintenance, corrects 73 errors centered in the block editor. Out of these 73 errors, 45 are affecting the new editor, 14 focus on performance improvements and 31 are code errors. In addition, WordPress has fixed 17 editor errors that affect some of the different themes included. According to the WordPress team, this will increase the performance of the platform by about 300%.

A detailed list of bugs corrected during this update is available on the WordPress support page.