Hackers attack manufacturing companies; costumer’s payment information stolen

Criminals have stolen data of Titan Manufacturing and Distributing customers for almost a whole year

Malicious hacker groups are attacking manufacturing companies, as reported by cybersecurity specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security. Recently it has been revealed that hackers attacked the company Titan Manufacturing and Distribution, compromising their computer systems to extract payment card data belonging to many of the company’s customers for almost a year.

Through a statement, the company confirmed that hackers managed to install malware on their systems sometime in the year 2017. Malicious software remained in Titan’s systems between November 23, 2017 and October 25, 2018, according to the company’s statement.

This malware was used by hackers to steal the payment card information used by some unsuspecting users when making purchases at one of the company’s online stores. The software used by the attackers was designed to collect user information, including names, billing address, phones, payment card number, and cards’ expiration date and verification code.

According to experts in cybersecurity, Titan Manufacturing and Distributing does not store this information, but the malware was designed to access the purchasing section and steal the data from the website. All users who have entered their data in the mentioned time interval may have been affected.

“Titan has confirmed thanks to an expert in cybersecurity that its computer systems were compromised by a malware persistent between November 23, 2017 and October 25, 2018,” mentions the security notice that the company sent to its customers.

“Titan Manufacturing and Distributing, Inc. value its customers and recognize the importance of their data security. That is why we are addressing you to inform you that Titan has been the victim of a security incident that could have compromised your information”, adds the security notice.

The company is investigating the incident with the help of a cybersecurity firm. The exact number of affected clients is still unknown, but it is estimated that it is a figure close to 2k users.

As some experts have reported, the malware used in the attack is similar to that used by the Magecart hacker group, with which thousands of websites were attacked last year.