A Tesla runs over a transient robot: Terminator war

The war between machines has transcended the science fiction barrier

A terrible transit incident happened last weekend in Las Vegas. According to the experts in network security from the International Institute of Cyber Security, an innocent robot model V4 of the firm Promobot made a night walk through the city a few hours before being exhibited at the event Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019.

At some point in the evening, the Promobot swerved from his path to the highway, where it was brutally hit by a Tesla car with autonomous navigation system activated, consummating an unprecedented crime.

“The relationship between robots and cars with autonomous navigation system has reached its highest tension level since the animatronic Donald Trump created by Disney get the support of the autonomous vehicle community”, reported network security specialists.

The robot’s tranquil Paradise Road walk suddenly became its way to hell. When they found the Promobot, his creators realized that it had severe injuries to the head, arms and body; a few hours later, the Promobot was declared “officially dead” by the manufacturer company.

George Caldera, the passenger inside the “murderer” autonomous driving vehicle, witnessed the heinous crime in the front row. “I switched my Tesla to Automatic driving mode and it started to move without any inconvenience. Then, unexpectedly, a robot appeared on the road! I thought the car would dodge the robot, but it went its way until it hit up. It’s a pity; it was such a cute robot,” affirmed the passenger.

The crime is so clear, as considered by experts in computer science and network security. The car was running straight against the innocent machine, acting with premeditation and intent. The vehicle went its way without the slightest hint of guilt.

According to the manufacturer’s site, the Promobot is capable of:

  • Interact with people
  • Face recognition
  • Move to avoid obstacles in its path
  • Move its arms and head
  • Display interactive material on its integrated screen
  • Interact with software and devices developed by third parties

However, the late robot was unable to properly interact with an unforeseen third-party development, the Tesla Model S. Oleg Kivokurtsev, development manager at Promobot, spoke about the death of his ‘cables and aluminum sun’. “We are very upset. We brought this Promobot from Philadelphia to Las Vegas for exhibition at CES. The robot will not be able to participate in the event and no longer has repair.” Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, has not pronounced on this incident.

Of course the suspicions didn’t take long to get there. Many already wonder: what was a thousand dollar robot walking around the city on its own? Did the company know or intend to make this happen? Tesla and Promobot worked together to set up this show? Maybe we’ll never know. Anyway, rest in peace, Promobot V4.