Buy 993.36 GB of email ID’s and passwords in 40$

Major data breach has took place in recently. Numerous security researchers and independent writers have came forward a large amount of data breach. There have been around 773 million password has been stolen. These usernames and passwords were earlier sold on deep web. But now it selling on Mega. Mega as you all know cloud hosting service.

Data breach took around 773 million. 773 millions of usernames and passwords are being sold on internet by some random seller. The seller information is not much available on the internet. As seller account is now banned by is the site where the seller SANIX is selling data of around 1 TB. There are total 7 parts of the usernames and passwords as shown in 1st image.

Digital Forensic expert of International Institute of Cyber Security confirms that seller named sanixer was selling email collection copies in $40. While searching more in We found that many people purchased the email data collections as shown below.

Further shows that sanixer account is right now banned. As the owner of the account is selling usernames and passwords on the internet. The amount is large and the buyers are increasing day by day. As some companies or individuals tries to buy data for creating spamming over the internet.

While searching for the purchaser, who purchase the copies of the data. We found one of his account on the same platform. The account was still active as only the seller is banned.