New Nintendo switch firmware was hacked the same day it was released

Nintendo claimed to have added advanced security codes in this new version of the switch firmware

The latest version of the Nintendo Switch firmware was hacked the same day it was launched, reported network security and ethical hacking specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security. Users managed to hack the anticipated 7.0.0 firmware version, implemented to improve the stability of the console, just 4 hours after its launching.

Nintendo claimed that this version of the Switch firmware included advanced security codes as a preventative measure against any hacking activity, although due to this incident, network security specialists consider the developers underestimated the capabilities of console users and videogame hackers.

Thanks to this Nintendo has become the target of the mocking of thousands users on various platforms of social networks, mainly in Reddit, because even the most enthusiastic have surprised the ease and efficiency with which the hackers achieved to bypass the “advanced” Switch firmware security measures.

The hacker in charge of compromising the firmware, known as ‘Elmirorac’, was supported by another hacker with the alias of ‘SciresM’, which is the same expert who discovered how to fully compromise a Switch console, also mentioning that this bug only could be solved with a hardware update.

Network security experts believe that Nintendo should reconsider the exclusive use of Nvidia Tegra processors in its consoles, installing a new set of chips before these drawbacks are incorrigible and the use of piracy completely seizes the market of the Switch consoles.

The bug, known as Tegra Bootrom, is a widely documented security problem. Experts consider that even Google should pay attention to the problems generated by the use of these chips, as these hardware pieces are also used in multiple Android devices.