Russian hackers compromise systems faster than Chinese and North Korean hackers

Malicious users of China and North Korea are also able to quickly deploy malware

Reports of network security and ethical hacking specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security say that hackers linked to the Russian government are able to enter and gain persistence in the networks of victims much faster than hackers sponsored by any other government in the world.

Thanks to these capabilities, it is possible that these hackers can collect large groups of data from the networks committed before being detected or stopped, claim the network security experts.  

According to CrowdStrike reports, a Russian hacker only needs 19 minutes in total to move through a victim’s network. This is a much smaller amount of time than it takes for the hackers from territories like North Korea, who need about two and a half hours to move inside a compromised network. 

On the other hand, hackers backed by the government of China are the next most efficient, averaging a time of 4 hours to begin to move through the network committed after the entry.

Although network security specialists comment that there are a number of reasons why a hacker decides not to move through the compromised network immediately, they point out that this is related to the measures that hackers take to prevent detection. “Determine how quickly a hacker moves within the networks involved in useful for companies to know how difficult it is to detect, stop and expel a hacker from their networks,” experts said.

“Regardless of whether it’s the attacker or the victim, speed is a fundamental issue,” the reports mention. “The seriousness of a hacking attack is linked to the speed with which the perpetrators can compromise a goal”.

U.S. authorities have recently warned of cybercriminals’s linked to Governments in countries such as China, North Korea, or Russia growing activity.