Linux Kernel 5.0 is now available; here are some novelties described

This new version includes mainly hardware support improvements

This new version includes mainly hardware support improvements

Network security and ethical hacking specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security report the launching of Linux Kernel 5.0, a version for which were announced a series of substantial improvements in the features of 4.21, the current version.

However, it has been commented that no major changes must be expected:  “The change in numbering does not represent a profound software change, it is not very clear why Linux went from 4.21 to 5.0 so abruptly”, commented experts in network security.

What’s new with Linux 5.0?

Although it is not a completely new version, Linux 5.0 does contain several novelties, though these may not be noticeable or relevant. Among the most notable changes or inclusions are:

  • Raspberry Pi Touchscreen support in the main core: Linux 5.0 includes a ready-to-use Raspberry Pi touchscreen driver. This device is really economical and very versatile. It is compatible with the 10-finger touch and has 800×480 pixels resolution. With Linux 5.0, this touchscreen works with the main line of the Linux kernel, without having to perform additional actions.
  • AMD FreeSync Display support: AMD FreeSync works with the core of the Linux 5.0 main Line (although it also requires table 19.0 and some other updated bits). To take advantage of this, you will need an AMD Radeon R5/R7/R9 200 or later and a monitor suitable with FreeSync technology, report experts in network security.
  • Adiantum data encryption: Adiantum is the direct replacement of Google Speck, developed by the NSA. Adiantum provides fast data encryption for devices and low-end hardware (used on Android Go devices). Desktop Linux computers can also leverage this technology through native compatibility with Fscrypt EXT4 and F2FS.

Support for additional hardware

Each and every one of the Linux kernels tries to stay in line with the accelerated pace of technology. New releases and upgrades for hardware support on Linux 5.0 include:

  • Intel Icelake Gen11 graphics
  • Nvidia Turing graphic processing unit
  • Nvidia Xavier display support

Previously supported hardware available in version 4.21 has also been updated.

The Linux 5.0 code is now available for download, but only its installation is recommended to users with sufficient knowledge and skills. It’s almost a fact that Ubuntu 19.04, which is close to being released, will also include Linux Kernel 5.0.