How to detect spy Camera is in Trial Rooms, ATM’s, Hotels, other Area’s

Surveillance which is done by Government Organizations/ Law enforcement for security of the people. There surveillance are done in public areas which is now becoming mandatory in terms of national security. How surveillance is done from a small scale to the large scale is demonstrated in the ethical hacking courses offered by International Institute of Cyber Security in Delhi, India. You must be aware that an former CIA contractor revealed that how CIA are keeping surveillance on people. Sometimes it become important but if we say “You Are Being Watched & also recorded” this also become a serious issue to your privacy. So why law enforcement keeps an eye on public privacy ? Some says it for security of the nation. But do you really think keeping an DIGITAL EYE all the time also breaks the protocol of privacy.

And if there are public cameras there are also hidden cameras. Recently South Korea motels are using hidden camera to film their guests. There are over 1600 people were filmed in motels with the footage being streamed online paying consumers to watch online. Two of the suspects have been arrested. According to ethical hacking researcher of International Institute of Cyber Security Cameras can be hidden in :-

  • Smoke detectors
  • Air filter equipment
  • ATM’s
  • Wall Sockets
  • Electrical outlets
  • DVD cases, Books
  • Lava lamps
  • House plants
  • Desk plants
  • Tissue boxes
  • Stuffed teddy bears
  • Couch cushions, table tops, and shelves
  • Holes on the doors
  • The roof the house
  • The doorbell outside your home and manny other areas

Today we will show some methods that how you can detect hidden cameras using your smartphone. There are many eCommerce sites where small/ tiny cameras are available. Customers can easily buy such products. Many cameras comes wireless or some are wired. We will show you that how you can detect such hidden cameras on software as well hardware level.

Hardware’s to detect hidden or spy Camera’s :-

For detecting hidden camera there are many hand held device are used to detect such cameras. There are many camera detector are available for around $100. Such detectors works while searching for radio frequency of the hidden cameras. Such detectors throws light in the form of radio frequency. When you point out with these detectors near to your eye you can easily see hidden cameras. Hidden Camera Detector are available:

  • Some other detectors which helps you to find hidden cameras.
  • You can buy such products from above stores or any other stores.

Software’s or App’s to detect hidden or spy Camera’s:-

In today’s era everyone uses smartphone. Smartphone has much capability to detect such hidden cameras. As smartphones have inbuilt sensors to detect hidden cameras. There are many Android/ IOS Applications are available to detect hidden cameras. Today smartphone rear camera does have infrared filters, so for checking hidden camera you can use front camera of your smartphone, as demonstrated in the ethical hacking courses.

For Android :-

Testing above for Android Apps :-

  • Here we have tested one of the listed app in Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. We have used two mobile one is working as detector & another is working as target. one is working as Spy Camera Detector (Attacker) another is working as Spy Camera (Target).
Spy Camera Detector (Attacker – REDMI NOTE 4) – We will install App in this
Spy Camera (Target – Samsung M30) – We will run this as a spy camera
  • We have installed spy camera detector app, Hidden Camera Detector: Redmi Note 4. And for the Spy Camera we are using Samsung Galaxy M30. When we open hidden camera detector application & take app nearby spy camera.
  • Device with spy camera app starts sound of beep & red dot was showing on screen that camera was detected. Hence for further search we also tried after switching off the spy camera. And then we scanned with application.
  • The result came nothing. Hidden App Detector was unable to find the spy camera. This shows that these apps find hidden cameras only when hidden camera is turned on. Below we have shown screenshots of the applications we have tested.
  • Video of the same test is shown below in youtube link.
  • Above is the screenshots of the apps that we have tested. The red dot & the green odometer shows that the camera are detected.

Tutorial Usage of Hidden Camera Detector :-

For IOS :-

The above applications are fairly easy to use. Install them from the given links. Open the Application & then app will start searching frequency of the camera.

For searching hidden cameras in public places :-

  • In public areas, sometimes it become difficult to search for hidden public cameras. Public places like ATM is the most used place where we can see hidden camera.
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to search for the hidden camera specially on ATMs. In the below image red marked area where hidden camera is installed.
  • In some ATMs hidden camera installed in that way than no one can find it easily. So for finding hidden camera you can use your smartphone camera.
  • In earlier smartphone rear camera does not use to have infrared filter so its easy to check for the hidden camera.
  • Open the camera point your smartphone camera towards ATM machine & you will be able to see the hidden camera.

Camera’s with motion sensors, using Infrared Light :-

You can use remote control to check for the infrared light in the camera. Point your camera towards your remote control & press the button on remote to check for infrared light. Most probably the light will blink in red color, explains in ethical hacking courses.

Or you can use another method to search of hidden camera. You can make a phone call while roaming around the suspected area where hidden camera could be found. Hidden cameras throws frequency which will interfere with your phone call signal. If you notice that there is an signal disturbance has occurred. Stop their & try to search for the hidden surveillance.

What to do if you Detect Hidden Camera ?

Hidden surveillance is serious crime. Especially in private places. If you travelling & staying in hotel room. You should follow the above steps to secure your privacy. There are further in-depth details we will do research & show that how such detectors/ mobile application works to detect hidden cameras. If you found such hidden cameras you can contact to law enforcement agencies for further investigation, according to ethical hacking courses.