Telegram TON Blockchain Network, a Tor’s alternative, will be launched soon

Telegram instant messaging service will launch a private beta test of your blockchain, Telegram Open Network (TON), reported cyber forensics course experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS).


Telegram Open Network is designed to have superior speed and scalability. First of all, this means you can process millions of transactions in seconds. In addition, the network can host millions of active transactions and millions of applications without compromising its scalability at all.

According to cyber forensics course experts, the main blockchain (Bitcoin and Ethereum) perform 7 and 15 transactions per second, respectively. This capability makes these networks just enough to replace technologies like Mastercard and VISA. In addition, this restriction increases transaction costs. TON’s speed and scalability is a viable solution that satisfies this need of the community.

Ease of usage

Telegram Open Network executes intuitive user interfaces that make it easy for users to order, sell, and transfer value. In addition, intuitive functions make decentralized applications run smoothly. These intuitive capabilities provide superior responsiveness, user-effortless use and interactive operations.

TON Proxy

Online privacy is a very controversial issue and, for the moment, it lacks formal legislation to which to adhere. According to cyber forensics course experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), too much legislation can be considered as censorship, instead, the lack of regulation is a space open to criminal activities.

TON Proxy, or Anomymizer, has been designed to protect the privacy of the user while surfing the Internet, guaranteeing their anonymity. TON Proxy offers Tor features: Hides IP addresses and hides the identity of the user. Thanks to TON DNS and TON P2P Network, you can make it impossible to censor any service, including Telegram.

TON Storage

TON is a technology that provides a file storage system. A fundamental benefit of this technology is its torrent-type access, which supports P2P file sharing, which means that the system does not depend on a single person to deliver a file. To receive an album, for example, instead of the product being delivered by a single individual, it is delivered by a group of people (or swarm), which reduces the waiting time to receive files and costs to users. TON Storage also implements smart contract technology to manage decentralized applications that require large storage capacities. 

TON provides a platform that allows the easy delivery of third-party services to the general public. Developers who intend to provide decentralized applications and services that run on smart contracts can benefit.

TON Services provide a user-friendly smartphone-like interface and has a decentralized browsing experience similar to web browsing.