Hack in Wipro; hackers use the company’s systems to attack its own customers

According to cyber forensics course specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) Wipro is investigating some reports suggesting that their IT systems have been hacked; it is possible that the compromised systems are being used to launch cyber attacks against some of the customers of this company.

Reports on the incident indicate that some of the IT services company’s customers detected malicious network recognition activities, which were communicating directly to Wipro networks. It is estimated that at least ten or twelve companies have been affected.

Although Wipro risk management teams took a while to set a stance on this incident, they finally published a statement mentioning: “Our internal processes are truly solid and our security systems are the most advanced to prevent and detect various attempts cyber attack attempts”.

According to the cyber forensics course specialists, the attack would have originated in the company’s email server, so Wipro already prepares a new email network for private use. At the moment, potentially affected users are being informed of the situation.

Company spokespersons have maintained communication on the latest updates on this incident:  “Derived from a complex phishing campaign, we have detected anomalous activity in the accounts of some employees on our internal network “.

Cyber forensics course specialists mentioned that as soon as the Wipro security teams detected the unusual activity, they began a research process, identifying potentially affected users and implementing the measures of containment of relevant incidents, mitigating the risk of propagation to other parts of the company’s systems.

The company’s spokespersons add that Wipro is trying to leverage his experience as a leader in implementing cybersecurity best practices in collaboration with a wide range of partners in the industry to continue collecting information and perform advanced monitoring activities against cyber threats, protecting the integrity of the company’s systems.