Data breach in fitness website

According to cyber forensics course specialists, the website for fitness, bodybuilding and other sports fans,, has notified its users about a security breach detected last February; The web site administrators confirmed that the incident was occurred due to a phishing email received in mid-last year.

The incident report mentions that the security breach could have compromised some personal details about users stored by the website owners. “We conduct research in collaboration with external cyber forensics course experts; we still cannot confirm if the attackers have accessed the information of the users that is under our protection”.

It should be noted that the complete information of the payment cards of the users of the web site has not been compromised, since the company only stores a record of the last four digits of the clients’ payment cards.

Nonetheless, it is necessary that users of the website receive some protection measures against potential frauds or hacking activities; cyber forensics course experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) mentioned that, to begin with, the company will reset the passwords of all users on the online platform.

“We’ll reset users’ passwords during their upcoming logins. In addition, the federal authorities are already working on our case”, mentions a statement from the company.

Later reports revealed that among the personal details involved during this incident are:

  • User names
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Billing addresses
  • History of purchases on the web site

The company reaffirmed that, with the evidence they have so far, it is not possible to determine whether the information has been extracted by any threat actor or not.

The company ensures that it will be contacting via email all the affected users as soon as possible. It is advisable for all users of the website to manually reset their password, in addition to periodically checking their bank statements looking for any indication of unauthorized activity related to their payment cards.