Linux Parrot 4.6, new version of the operating system for pentesters

When we require working with a functional operating system for security analysis and ethical hacking, cybersecurity experts consider that Parrot Linux is, together with BlackArch, one of the best options available, even though there are also Windows-based options.

The developers of Parrot Linux have just launched version 4.6 of this operating system, which has some substantial improvements such as KDE Desktop, support for OpenNIC, among others. According to cybersecurity specialists, this new version is launched just three months after development and is considered a relevant achievement for the team in charge of the project.

Parrot Linux has different versions, each with different scopes and objectives. The Home/Workstation version provides security experts with a light environment for everyday use, while the Secure version offers a comprehensive system for penetration testing, forensics and reverse engineering.

Also, for users unfamiliar with computer security research, Parrot Home Version is the ideal choice.

According to cybersecurity specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), Parrot 4.6 has a new ISO image based on KDE Plasma, available with Home and Secure versions.

In terms of design, the new home and desktop background animation are also updated. Although the themes and the system icon remain the same, the appearance has been updated a bit.

To proportionally release users and allow domain resolution of some special domains, Anonsurf has an option to change default DNS servers to OpenNIC DNS resolvers.

According to the cybersecurity specialists of the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) Nvidia drivers are also updated to the new version 410 to provide better performance.

Finally, the team behind Parrot works steadily to remodel the sandbox environment to make it more stable and reliable than in previous versions.