It was all a hoax; the countdown to meet Satoshi Nakamoto has ended

The countdown on the website, which promised to reveal the identity of the ‘father of Bitcoin’, ended hours ago and, to anyone’s surprise, no relevant information was revealed, said specialists in cybersecurity.

The website not only deceived anyone who believed that the identity of the person (or group of people) behind the world’s first cryptocurrency would be revealed, but it dared to announce the launching of a news portal related to the virtual assets world; the website announced that it will include the world’s first artificial intelligence-based news anchor, which has been dubbed “Satoshi “.

For cybersecurity experts and members of the cryptocurrency community, this website was considered a fraud from the start, although some are said to be surprised by the level of cynicism of the site’s operators. In addition, some tweets and Reddit publications were enough to grow rumors without sustenance on

Even John McAfee opined on the subject via Twitter, advising his followers not to be too enthusiastic about the countdown posted on the website. “In my opinion, this is a phishing attempt, or a very well thought out marketing campaign, we’ll know in a few minutes”, McAfee tweeted moments before the stipulated deadline expired.

McAfee also opined on other controversial issues, such as a conspiracy theory that states that Paul Le Roux, a man from Congo, is the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

Le Roux used to be the leader of a criminal group and former programmer who now serves a sentence in a U.S. prison. Conspiracy theorists claim that Le Roux developed the Bitcoin as a money laundering method; in addition, his status as a prisoner explains the fact that his Bitcoin wallet has always been inactive.

According to cybersecurity specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), McAfee believes that whoever is behind this theory “has been smoking too much opium”. On previous occasions, McAfee has claimed to know the identity of the real Satoshi Nakamoto.