Banking Malware grew 60% this year, how to protect your bank accounts

As mobile banking and online banking services grow, the threat actors’ interest in exploiting these platforms is also spreading. According to experts in data protection services, hackers have recently tried to develop banking malware capable of exploiting security vulnerabilities in the implementation of these services, increasingly widespread. We will then review some measures that can strengthen the security of the user against banking malware.

According to data collected by various cybersecurity firms, between January and March 2019, banking malware in mobile devices grew by about 60%, which represents more than 300k mobile banking users infected with some malware variant, without mentioning that these attacks are also possible by infecting desktop equipment.

The main way of infection of mobile devices is the downloading of unreliable software/applications. Although nothing guarantees absolute protection against these attacks, the main security recommendation for the user is to download applications only from trusted sources (App Store, Google Play Store, etc). 

Application and system updates are also a fundamental protection measure, commented experts in data protection services. Banking malware can enter our devices by exploiting known security vulnerabilities, corrected by updates and security patches, so it is essential to keep our systems and applications always updated to their latest versions.

Finally, data protection services specialists believe that anti-malware tools and applications are a security measure at any users’ reach. In the official platforms (App Store, Google Play Store) are multiple mobile antivirus software options available, offered by trusted developers and under the highest standards of quality.

According to experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), the protection of desktop devices applies in the same way, because the developers have also functional protection services for your PC; just enter from the official antivirus software developer platform to avoid any infection caused by entering a malicious/spoofed web page.