Windows 10 update causes slower device shutdown

Web application security researchers reported a bug in Windows 10 that, while not compromising system security, affects the regular use of the affected system. One of the Microsoft Tech Community employees was in charge of reporting the flaw, mentioning that it only affects the latest version of the operating system; this failure causes the device to take longer to shut down if the USB Type-C input is on use.

For example, the error will be happening if the user is charging their phone with USB C input on the Windows 10 device. In this case, the computer will take a minute longer than usual to perform its shutdown, as the software will be busy managing the phone’s connection or disconnection. 

The error does not impact other operating system functions or hardware, as web application security specialists mentioned. “System software and USB ports will work properly once the next Windows update is released”, the Microsoft error report mentioned.

Although not considered particularly harmful, this error is part of the already recurring failures arising from the installation of Windows operating system updates; in this case, the bug will most likely have started to appear after the October 2018 update. 

Recently multiple windows have been reported resulting from the installation of updates on the system. A few days ago system administrators began to experience problems trying to use the sandbox known as the Windows Sandbox. Users claim that an error window appeared on their screen after trying to launch the sandbox.

International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) web application security specialists mention that, so far, the bug is still present in the affected systems and there is still no official date announced by the company to launch a fix. The expert who reported the bug states that the 1903 version of the system has shown no signs of this flaw, so the only solution seems to be to upgrade Windows systems from 1809 to 1903.