Robocop glasses will be used by police & Army to identify suspect using facial recognition

In the near future, American soldiers will be able to identify enemy forces, crimes suspected or people of national security interest just by taking a look around. Information security experts report that, using a pair of gamer headset with some modifications, soldiers will be able to see through a drone that will include facial recognition software.

In addition, by using these devices, the military will be able to read texts written in foreign language, use other drones available to increase their field of vision and train in an augmented reality environment.

The most recent developments in this project were recently presented; known as “Integrated Visual Augmentation System” (IVAS), this system includes a pair of lightweight glasses that mix digital elements in a soldier’s visual field, the information security experts mention.

In addition, in a plan that appears to come out of a sci-fi film, the U.S. Army plans to develop tiny, insect-sized drones to increase the visual scope of troops. In the first stage of this project, the Army will begin distributing these “personal reconnaissance drones” to help soldiers carry out effective field deployments; according to information security experts, U.S. Special Forces have been working with drones for at least four years. 

The U.S. government believes that the necessary conditions for large-scale deployment of this technology will be up to 2020, so for now the military will continue to use conventional night vision goggles for various tasks, such as recognition or evasive maneuvers.

According to experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), an Armed Forces sergeant who witnessed the demonstration of this technology stated that, during the event, a soldier hit a shot about 300 meters away using this device. The military has requested to remain anonymous. Army Futures Command, an area in charge of this project, was created a couple of years ago to implement substantial technological improvements applicable in military campaigns undertaken by the U.S. government.