If you install the latest Windows 10 update, your WiFi will stop working

According to network security specialists Microsoft has admitted that update 1903 for the Windows 10 operating system generates an anomalous condition in the operation of WiFi routers on some computers, resulting in frequent crashes in the users’ Internet connection.

Now, the Microsoft User Forum has been flooded with complaints against the September update (KB4515384). The irony is that this update was intended to fix some operating system failures, caused by the previous Windows 10 update.

In addition to the sudden interruptions in the WiFi connection of some devices, other inconveniences caused by the latest update include failures in the Start menu, in the detection of USB connections and some flaws with the audio of the computers, ensure network security experts.

Because complaints kept accumulating, Microsoft finally stated that the September Windows 10 update could be related to the WiFi outages of hundreds of users’ computers. Apparently, the problem lies with WiFi adapters from companies like Intel and Broadcom used on NEC devices.

Microsoft, like NEC, identified some bugs in its compatibility with some Intel and Broadcom WiFi chips used on NEC devices running recent versions of Windows 10.

Network security experts claim that the issues were presented even after Microsoft announced that it had worked closely with the manufacturers of these devices, as well as collaborating with independent software developers to prevent potential failures in future operating system updates. “If the devices are upgraded to Windows 10 1903 they will not be able to use any WiFi connection; WiFi drivers might display an alert symbol in Device Manager Window”, adds the Microsoft message.

As Microsoft releases a new update to fix failures caused by its latest update, network security specialists at the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) recommend users disable their adapters in the management window of their devices and then enable them again. This is a temporary solution, but it is the only one available so far. In addition, this process will have to be repeated every time users start their computers, which can be a tedious task.

Microsoft states that it is already working on a solution to this problem. The most recent years have been a nightmare for both the company and users in terms of system updates; however, Microsoft seems to pay increasing attention to the feedback it receives from users of its operating system.