Facebook suspended thousand of apps

Recently facebook has deleted ten thousand of applications of hundred developers. Because of Cambridge Analytica scandals. Over the last year when consultancy, Shadow Political was holding details of around 50 million usrs through an facebook app. On which developers broke social netowrk giant rule on the data collection.

After the 5 billion of settlement with FTC, Facebook assures that incident will not happen again. According to Facebook VP, Ime Archibong, tens thousand of applications were linked to 400 developers.

According to infosecurity reporter Facebook identified apps for investigating that how many users they are holding & how many data they could access. Social giant has also identified apps which are based on signal identified app’s abusing developer policies.

Facebook has alos conducted an intensive examinaiton on suspicious applications as per the ethical hacking researcher of International Institute of Cyber Security. Investigation includes application activity on social media platform. Different actions can be taken from conducting inspections to banning of the application.Those apps which are still in testing phases did not found any risk to user privacy. But testing apps are still suspended. If apps on testing phase does not meet facebook development policies or developer failed to respond to request.

Suspicious apps which storing psychology profiles for million of users on unsecured third party sites for years. Archibong also says that Facebook is accusing South Korean data analytics comapany, Rankwave, LionMobi & JedMobi for linking apps to malware distribution.Apart from current investigations, Facebook claims to make improvements to developers which includes removing APIs to enhancing its investigations. And even introducing new policies to define control over user data.