Liverpool FC will pay a $ 1M fine for hacking and stealing data of Manchester City players

According to the English newspaper The Mirror, this weekend the Premier League has just revealed a very big secret that Liverpool FC had. The liverpool FC had hacked Manchester City, to know about the players in which they were interested.

The events took place in 2013 and Manchester could notice this spying thanks to cyber security experts, who were able to track that Liverpool had consulted dozens of times its database in the Scout7 of OptaPro, this is a system of analysis and statistics of thousands of players around the world.


Apparently everything originated when the City club realized that Liverpool was after the same players as them.

No team has been mentioned in this regard, as this can have a serious impact on the reputation of the club. although Pep Guardiola, current DT of the City spoke about the secrets which no longer exist today and gave as an example the Governments of Russia and the United States which always end up finding out everything.

The English press reported that the two clubs agreed on compensation of $ 1,000,000 pounds without going to the Premier League. which is a total of almost 1.13 M USD.

Cyber security experts recommend that companies should hire cyber security companies to keep their information protected from any threat.