Chrome Bug Causing Damage To Mac OS file system

Mac Users were getting problem of using Avid Software & Google has taken the responsibility. Security researchers have tracked down the problem which can cause file corruption issue to the file systems of MAC OS. After updating the Google Chrome in recent update many users are getting problems with Avid Media Composer.

According to ethical hacking researcher of international institute of cyber security many professionals use Avid software for video editing on MAC OS versions. After the updating Google Chrome, many users have posted this issue on Facebook & other social media platforms. And they are unable to recover some files after shutdown. After researching further something is corrupted in UNIX root level folders.

While regular users were unable to fix the problem. Eventually Google has taken the responsibility for the issue. Company has posted an statement on Google Chrome help site on Wednesday.

Google has told users to boot their machines to recovery mode & offered commands to remove the affected version of the Google Software as well as to remove the damaged part of file system.

On Wednesday, Avid has posted a video & statement that problem is occurring because of Chrome Update.

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