Mixcloud data breach, 21 million users affected

Companies worldwide are constantly victims of cyber attacks; the new member of the club is the Mixcloud music company, which due to a security breach compromised 21 million user registrations according to cyber security awareness course experts.

Through a social media statement, the direct competition company of SoundCloud apologized to its users for the inconvenience, regretting the frustration that the news may cause them, assured that they will take user data protection very seriously and also explained that About 21 million records were extracted from its server.

Thanks to a report prepared by experts, we know that this information is already on sale in a deep web portal by an user called “A_W_S” which asks the amount of .5 BTC Bitcoins for the information, which translates into approximately $ 3,750 dlls.

According to experts, this user on previous occasions also came to compromise information from the companies Canva, Chegg and StockX,

Luckily, the London-based music company clarified that the records are only consist on emails, IP addresses and very few passwords, because most passwords are managed by Facebook, because users prefer to register that way since it’s faster

Although it is a very small percentage of compromised passwords, we recommend changing your passwords immediately. Password reuse for several websites is one of the reasons why security breaches are so valuable to attackers. The best practice with passwords is to create a unique one for each digital service as per experts from International Institute Cyber Security.

The MixCloud company has several security protocols for its users, for example, they do not store payment card information or postal addresses and the passwords they store are encrypted with salty cryptographic hashes to prevent any third party from accessing them, all this as part of its modern DSP security structure.

Cyber security awareness course experts recommend The music company is already working with the authorities to try to recover their records and to improve their security systems