FBI advises to put duct tape over Smart TV camera and microphone

Ransomware on Your TV, Get Ready, It's Coming
Ransomware on Your TV, Get Ready, It’s Coming

Currently, smart TVs come with an Internet connection, which allows users to browse the web and watch programs from their favorite streaming platforms and also come equipped with microphones and cameras that allow users to control it by means of voice commands or to make live chats.

But these smart TV devices are mostly poorly protected by their manufacturers compared to computers or smartphones explains to cyber security awareness course expert.

Therefore, the FBI warned users who buy smart TVs to take precautions, as they can be very dangerous, because they could be used by criminals as a window to their homes, since they could turn on the camera and microphone of the TV to harass them.

In extreme cases, they could change channels, play with the volume and even show their children inappropriate videos, warns the FBI.

Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy the benefits of a smart TV while protecting yourself according to cyber security awareness course experts. Here are some tips for smart TV users:

  • The first step to protect yourself is to change the default password on your TV.
  • Security settings are important. Make sure you know how to turn off the camera and the microphone of the Smart TV before buying one. If there’s no power off option for the camera and volume, it is better to consider other brands.
  • Also check if the manufacturer can update the Smart TV settings or operating system with solid security patches.
  • If you really love a Smart TV but the camera cannot be turned off, we recommend preparing a black tape. Cover the camera once you don’t use it.
  • And if you’re willing to go one step further, cyber experts advise that you can set up your smart TV on a separate network.

A recent investigation by the 2018 consumer magazine found that millions of smart TVs have easy-to-exploit security flaws, and as we know, several white-hat hackers have shown how hackers manage to violate those devices.

In June, the Samsung company tweeted a tip to smart TV’s owners to scan their devices for viruses on a regular basis to “prevent malicious software attacks”.

According to Cyber security awareness course  specialists of the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), customers who keep their devices up to date have nothing to worry about. “But if there is still concern, there is a very simple solution to keep hackers away: disconnect the device from your network.”