5 blockchain-based messaging apps for complete anonymity on iOS and Android

Although blockchain technology was primarily designed for its application in the financial sector with the use of cryptocurrencies, its constant evolution has allowed it to be used to record confidential data, create smart contracts and apps decentralized, as per information security specialists.

Efforts to develop decentralized apps have focused on creating completely free messaging services. While some messaging services, such as Telegram or WhatsApp, have encryption for user protection, these apps are centralized, and their maintenance, updates and modifications depend entirely on an entity outside of users, so that a completely free messaging service would have to be thanks to a decentralized app.

The following is a list of five decentralized messaging apps that guarantee complete anonymity and privacy.


Developed by the company Radical App, Dust operates under the premise of rewarding users of good behavior and rebuking those who misuse the platform. The plan is for each user to get tokens to use on the platform, which will be more expensive for abusive users, and well users with good behavior will be able to reward others. Another feature of Dust is the screenshot notification, so this service leaves no loose ends in terms of information security and privacy.

Because Communication Matters (BMC)

This service includes anonymity, end-to-end encryption and multiple measures to ensure the privacy of its users. Unlike other services, every single message sent through BCM is protected with end-to-end encryption, so no one else on the server can access the content of a conversation. In addition, its creators claim that BMC will soon become a completely open source development. Some information security specialists claim that this service is widely used by ISIS members.


The messages in the application are end-to-end encrypted, in addition, to delete any activity trace Status has a built-in private browser so there is absolutely no record of the websites that the user visits. It is still in the beta testing phase, but blockchain enthusiasts already consider Status as one of the best cryptocurrency transactions, messaging service and browsing solutions in the world of decentralized apps, all in one service.


This is an app based on the Ethereum blockchain and, like Status, it has messaging app and cryptocurrency payment platform features. In addition, it is possible to make video calls and send completely anonymous text messages from e-Chat. However, what makes this platform unique is the ability to create blogs where users can publish and monetize their content.


Developed in South Korea, BeeChat is a 100% blockchain-based messaging service that allows users to send text, audio and video; plus includes the cryptocurrency wallet function with support for 12 different digital assets. In addition, BeeChat supports other blockchain technologies, so its users could use EOS or Ethereum to store their information in a fully encrypted way.

Information security experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) ensure that these are not the only projects in their class, as many others are in the development phase or looking for investors, so we could be in the before a new era in terms of user privacy in messaging services.