BlackArch operating system for ethical hacking. Which is better Kali or BlackArch?

Good news for the ethical hacking community. The developers of BlackArch Linux have just announced the release of new ISO and OVA images for the specialized operating system for pentesting and ethical hacking, which includes multiple improvements and completely new tools.

BlackArch 2020.01.01 features the 5.4.6 Linux kernel and includes an updated installer and more than 120 new pentesting methods, bug fixes in previous releases, and increased hardware support.

According to experts in ethical hacking, BlackArch Linux also includes Terminus font support for the LXDM screen manager, which updates the urxvt terminal emulator configuration file to add the ability to resize on the fly, in addition to adding a new Vim plugin called clang_complete.

One of the main improvements of this version of BlackArch is the fix of a bug that did not allow the tools to be opened through the menu, in addition to the correction of all packages and many other drawbacks present in previous versions.

It should be noted that all previously included tools and packages were updated in this new version of ISO, including configuration files and all menus of supported window managers, including Openbox, Fluxbox and Awesome.

BlackArch Linux version 2020.01.01 is now available to download from the official website as live ISO images and NetInstall, as well as OVA images for those who want to run the operating system on QEMU, VirtualBox or VMWare virtual machines, specialists in ethical hacking at the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS).

If you already have a previous version of BlackArch, you only need to update your installation, you don’t need to download the new ISOs or uninstall an existing deployment.

This is the first ISO version of BlackArch Linux of the new decade, so absolutely all system packages have been updated. BlackArch Linux is a distribution specifically designed to help perform penetration testing based on Arch Linux ideal for pentesters, information security researchers and ethical hackers. For more information, see the official developer platforms.