Apple is against iOS virtual images for security testing

The famous tech company Apple has recently filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Corellium, a company specializing in web application security and operating system virtualization. The technology firm accuses Corellium of use illegally the iOS operating system, and intends that any project related to this system be shut down, in addition to demanding compensation for losses for an as yet undisclosed figure.

Corellium is a start-up company that has focused on creating virtual copies of the latest versions of iOS in order to help security researchers find vulnerabilities in Apple software using a completely safe testing environment.

Apple claims that the lawsuit has full legal support, so Corellium is likely to have to disrupt some research projects. The main argument is that the web application security firm is selling information illegally, in addition to the use of users with access to the results of Corellium’s investigations, exploiting vulnerabilities on iOS devices: “Apple never granted permission to this start-up to develop these kinds of projects,” a spokesman said.

A copyright specialist consulted by the International Institute for Cyber Security (IICS) believes that Corellium is clearly violating several copyright laws in the United States and even abroad: “Regardless its legitimate intentions, Corellium fully copied Apple’s intellectual property, including source code, graphical user interface, and even app icons in its minimal details. Neither Corellium nor any of its clients has right to generate profits from Apple’s ownership,” says the expert.  

So far there is no official pronouncement from any Corellium representative or any of the web application security experts working for the company nowadays. The only statement related to the subject is an open letter published on the company’s website in June 2019, stating that the intellectual property rights of organizations are always respected and invited their clients to be guided under the same principle.