Updated iOS 13.5 system was hacked in less than a day

Although jailbreak practice has lost interest in recent years, cloud security course experts occasionally report new ways to apply it. Recently, unc0ver Team revealed plans to launch “unc0ver 5.0.0”, a jailbreak tool with new support for all versions of iOS.

This new version of the jailbreak tool will be based on a kernel vulnerability discovered by Pwn20wnd, another group of hackers specializing in iOS jailbreak. According to the release of unc0ver Team, users will need to upgrade their iPhone to iOS version 13.5 to display the jailbreak correctly.

Over time, methods have appeared to jailbreak the iOS system, but it is worth noting that this practice carries considerable security risks, something that the jailbreak developers themselves mention with special emphasis. When the iPhone was first released, one of Apple‘s most important business agreements concerned exclusivity with phone operators, so a device sold by a specific telecomm companies could not work with another SIM card; one of the first applications of the jailbreak was to unlock the devices so that they could work with any SIM card, as mentioned by the cloud security course experts.

On the other hand, Apple has never encouraged users to jailbreak their devices, so every new iOS system update, in addition to each release of new hardware, has greater protections against jailbreak, making constant code corrections, so those interested in applying jailbreak to a new iPhone might be willing to pay to remove restrictions from their devices.

A user can jailbreak their iPhone to install third-party software that is not available in the App Store, which represents advantages, but also serious risks. By allowing the installation of apps from developers not authorized by Apple, users would be opening the door to malicious hackers, who could install malware on their devices and extract sensitive information or perform spying tasks.

Because of this, cloud security course experts point out that users should consider all the potential risks that this practice would bring, especially in the case of public officials with access to confidential information, activists and even journalists.

According to the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), one of the reasons Apple launched its own vulnerability bounty program is the fight against jailbreak. However, these findings remain of interest to some members of the malicious hacking community, so sometimes researchers prefer to sell their findings on the black market. In this regard, Apple recently announced an update on its rewards, hoping to incentivize the work of the ethical hacking community.