Source code of the Pokemon Diamond, Pearl along with Nintendo 3DS leaked online

Video game developers have been hit by hackers really frequently over the past few weeks, and this time it was Nintendo’s turn. According to IT security services experts, the source code for the Nintendo 3DS console and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl video games was leaked online by an unidentified hacker.

For obvious reasons, the company is not happy at all, although enthusiasts of the Japanese franchise have found the ideal opportunity to unravel two of Nintendo’s most popular titles for the handheld console.

The IT security services experts believe this incident is fully linked to the leaks that began in April, after a group of unidentified threat actors compromised Nintendo’s servers and exposed the demo version of Pokemon Gold and Silver online, resulting in the disclosure of multiple secrets about these games.

While the latest leaks don’t seem to have brought anything new about the titles exposed so far, there are still multiple files to be scanned, so the next few weeks could be really interesting for the gamer community. When a similar leak is presented, enthusiasts hope to uncover secrets in video games that have remained hidden for years.

Regarding 3DS console leaks, IT security services experts mention that the information exposed includes multiple details about your development files. Apparently, the source code of the game’s operating system was initially filtered on 4Chan; specialists believe that video game leaking also occurred on this platform.

It is not yet clear what actions Nintendo will take in this regard, although it is possible that the company will do nothing at all, as 3DS goes through its last moments of useful life, while the company has focused all its recent efforts on exploiting the market for handheld consoles with Nintendo Switch. What is certain is that the company’s security will be enhanced after suffering two cyberattacks in less than two months.  

On the other hand, the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) believes that things could get worse for the company if hackers manage to access more recent developments. Most of the games exposed so far were released almost ten years ago, so they do not represent losses for Nintendo, although the firm could suffer considerable losses if the most recent games are exposed as well. Both Nintendo and Pokemon have experienced hacking incidents in the past, so none of the companies should dismiss the possibility of this happening again.