Facebook sues companies for selling likes, followers and comments for FB & IG

For large tech companies, demands have become commonplace, and although most of the time it is the users who file the demands, sometimes these companies can also sue individuals or other companies. According to IT security services experts Facebook is taking legal action against some companies that produce fake likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Separate lawsuits have been filed in the United States and Europe, marking one of the first times a social media company has used coordinated litigation in various jurisdictions; According to the lawsuit, Facebook seeks to implement measures to strengthen a permanent ban against the use of its social media platforms by some companies that provide specific services for the artificial increase of interactions in users’ posts.

IT security services experts mention that the lawsuit filed in the United States is a case against a data collection company called Massroot8. This company obtained the data of millions of users using a botnet disguised as Android devices connected to the social media application.

It should be noted that Massroot8 acted with the consent of the users, as they thought they were actually using a service to manage multiple Facebook accounts at once.

The lawsuit was filed specifically against Mohammad Zaghar, the company’s founder, in federal court in San Francisco. Apparently, Zaghar operated sites that sold fake likes and followers before starting Massroot8.

Regarding the legal process in Europe, the lawsuit was filed against a Spanish company called MGP25 Cyberint Services, which operates a service of false likes and comments. There are fewer details available about this company, but it seems to be quite small compared to Massroot8.

IT security services specialists mention that, in recent weeks, Facebook has been filing an excessive amount of lawsuits as part of an effort to demonstrate to users that they can trust that the company will protect their personal information and enforce their own Terms and Services.

In a press release on these lawsuits Jessica Romero, Facebook’s director of platform compliance and litigation, stated, “In filing these lawsuits, we are sending a message that this type of fraudulent activity is not tolerated in our services.”

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