How to Hack Any Android Mobile using Androspy – Step by Step


Hacking any Android device is fun, but how hacker do it. There are many ways to get into mobile device, “some which require high level of technical knowledge and some require basic technical knowledge”, as commented by researcher of International Institute of Cyber Security. The ones that require high technical knowledge are RCE, Zero-day and the ones that require basic technical knowledge are presented here in a step by step manner.

Today we will talk about Androspy, it is very useful tool for exploiting any android phone by simply generating malicious APK and backdoor. APK is the package file format of Android. This tool also can encrypts the payload. Androspy is easy to use and there is not need to remember the command to attack the victim. Later we will also explain on how to prevent your Android device from these hacks.


  • OS: Parrot 64bit
  • Kernel version: 5.2.0

Installation steps

└──╼ #git clone
Cloning into 'Androspy'...
remote: Enumerating objects: 66, done.
remote: Total 66 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 66
Unpacking objects: 100% (66/66), done.
  • Use the cd command to enter into androspy directory
└──╼ #cd Androspy/
└──╼ #
  • Use this command to give file permission chmod +x
  • Now, use this command to install the dependencies ./
└──╼ #./
 update [✔]
Get:1 rolling InRelease
Hit:2 rolling-security InRelease
Get:3 rolling/main amd64 Packages [17.1 MB]
Get:4 rolling/main i386 Packages [17.0 MB]
Get:5 rolling/contrib amd64 Packages [139 kB]
Reading state information... Done
1930 packages can be upgraded. Run 'apt list --upgradable' to see them.
 keytool [✔]
 jarsigner [✔]
 Apache2 [✔]
 Metasploit-Framework [✔]
 xterm [✔]
  • Next, use this command to give file permission chmod +x
  • Now, use this command to launch the tool.
Androspy - Tool Launch
Androspy – Tool Launch
  • Successfully launched the tool.
Androspy - Listener Host and Port
Androspy – Listener Host and Port
  • Now, enter the LHOST (IP address) and port number. LHOST is Local Host IP, IP address of your Parrot OS.
  • Then enter the payload name.
Androspy - Payload Encryption
Androspy – Payload Encryption
  • After that, we get an option to encrypt the payload. Choose the required option.
  • Then it asks users to enter the password with few details like name, organization, and location, and when we finish type yes and enter.
  • Once we click enter, we will get a popup “Hello World” close it.
  • After that, we will get “Your Payload Has Been Successfully Encrypted
Androspy - Metasploit
Androspy – Metasploit
  • Then it displays two URLs target and TinyURL and enter Y to start the listener.
  • Next, we get a new tab named IP posiner.
  • Now send the APK file to the victim which is located in androspy directory using social engineering. You can also send tiny URL to victim.
  • If the victim installs the APK file in mobile, he will get this below screen.
Androspy - APK File
Androspy – APK File
  • After installing the APK file. Hacker sitting on Parrot OS we get the session or complete control of victim mobile.
Androspy - Session
Androspy – Session
  • Successfully we got the access of victim phone.
  • As it shows that the Victim mobile is Android 7.1.2


As we saw, how easy is to compromise any android phone using androspy tool by simply generating malicious APK and send to victim for installation. So it is always recommended to not install any APK file you receive on whatsapp or any other social medium. If you want to install any software always do it from Android Play store.