Flaw in GTA V Online makes your player immortal: GTA V cheat

Since video games are a competitive activity, multiple members of the gamer community are looking for a way to take advantage through some hacks, data security training experts mentioned. A recently reported hack appeared in the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V Online, which is assiduously affected by these kinds of bugs.  

As users mention, a flaw allows players to gain the immortality of their character in the game. The flaw was reported by Reddit user Gunflyzegaming.

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The gamer community member has issued detailed instructions on how to make a character in the game virtually indestructible. First, the user must disable the auto-shooting mode and search for a user with this mode enabled, although this trick also works the other way around, mention information security management experts who have tried this method.

Subsequently, users should go to an Ammu-Nation (the in-game armor shop) and meet with a group of players with other auto aiming configurations and then leave the group almost immediately.

The next step is to find the “Kill Yourself” menu. Once there, and the moment the character starts taking pills to take a lethal dose, you must quickly perform several actions. The player should already have a new invitation to a person’s group with different settings to automatically point and first accept and then quickly reject it. All that remains is to press quickly and often the key responsible for the interaction.

Having received immortality through the vulnerability, the user will not be able to destroy other players, but will not receive damage from them. Only NPCs, policemen or soldiers, for example, can kill him. According to the Reddit user, the error described in his article is especially useful for exchanging items in crowded places without fear of his avatar in the game suffering the consequences of something wrong.

For further reports on vulnerabilities, exploits, malware variants and computer security risks, it is recommended to enter the website of the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), as well as the official platforms of technology companies.