How this mobile banking app got hacked to steal data of 7.5 million users?

Database security monitoring specialists report that financial & technology firm Dave suffered a data breach that resulted in the exposure of a database that stored more than 7 million records. The compromised information was for sale on a hacking forum, although it was eventually released for free on other dark web platforms.

Those responsible for the incident published the database, which contained a total of 7, 516, 691 records. In this regard, Dave acknowledged the data breach a few hours later, mentioning that it all stems from an incident at a third-party company: “An intrusion into Waydev, one of our third-party service providers, allowed unauthorized access to certain user data on Dave, including user hash passwords.”

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SOURCE: BleepingComputer

It is not yet known how this third-party company was attacked, database security monitoring experts mentioned. This database contains names, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, and Bcrypt hash passwords.

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SOURCE: BleepingComputer

As a security measure, Dave forced a password reset on all his user accounts; the company also recommended its users to change passwords from other online platforms to prevent credential stuffing attacks.

A few weeks ago, database security monitoring experts at the Firm Cyble revealed that a threat actor had launched a database belonging to Dave; although the financial company responded quickly, it appears that the reports were dismissed. The person responsible for this attack was also auctioning databases for and; Dunzo acknowledged that he suffered a data breach a few days ago.

Shortly after the incident, the database was sold to an anonymous user (an operation close to $16k USD); finally, last July 24, the hacker known as ShinyHunter released the database for free on multiple hacking forums on dark web.

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SOURCE: BleepingComputer

Researchers ignore the reasons why ShinyHunter leaked this database; however, now that the information was exposed, other threat actors could deploy dangerous hacking campaigns, so affected users should consider security recommendations.  

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