Torum, a dark web forum for Tor users, is shutdown forever

More and more sites hosted in unconventional browsers are being forced to shut down, as mentioned by specialists in secure data destruction. Torum, a popular cybersecurity forum for users of the Tor browser, will close for good, the forum administrator revealed via a message recently posted on the homepage. As mentioned on the Darknetlive website, administrator thanked the moderators who collaborated to prevent Torum from becoming a spam platform, calling the forum activity period a success.

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SOURCE: Darknetlive

Over the past three years, Torum hosted a community of up to 130,000 users interested in cybersecurity, hacking, technology, among others. In his message, the administrator argues personal reasons for making this decision:

“I’m retiring. I managed Torum for over 3 years and the truth is that I’ve lost my passion for this for a long time, although I kept the community online as far as it was possible. This was always a non-profit project, to the extent of rejecting donations; we grew up to become a community of almost 150,000 members, which to me is a success.”   

Although users and experts in secure data destruction who could read the message mention that the forum creator left open the possibility of returning in the future, there is nothing assured about it: “Is it possible for Torum to return someday? Maybe, but I’ll take a break from the dark web for a while, so I won’t be back soon. Even though there is nothing certain, I can say that Torum will close, potentially permanently,” the administrator added.

One of the main features of Torum is its commitment to combating spam, present in virtually any online community, as mentioned by specialists in secure data destruction. As can be seen with other similar forums, spam combat is a demanding and sometimes unprofessional activity; Dread administrator HugBunter has targeted malicious activity on its forum, identifying the small portion of forum users trying to share spam.

Forums like Envoy have also undertaken intensive campaigns against the dissemination of junk information. Fortuna, one of the administrators of this forum, is the main one in charge of spam detection and users who post without sticking to the platform guidelines.