Game Project CARS 3 was cracked & pirated 3 days before its release

Video game hacking has increased in recent months. In days gone by the hackers managed to hack video games expected by the community, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, which was cracked on the day of its release, as mentioned by specialists in computer forensics

Now, the threat actors cracked Project CARS 3, a driving simulator developed by Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco, the amazing thing is that this video game hasn’t even been officially released.

This game would arrive in stores on August 28, although it was hacked on August 25. Cracking was reportedly handled by the hackers of CODEX, a renowned video game hacking group that managed early access to Project CARS 3 thanks to the purchase of the DELUXE version.

Computer forensics experts mention that the game did not have great security protections, as it was only equipped with Steam‘s standard DRM protection, unlike other Games protected with Denuvo.

The third edition of Project CARS was expected by multiple members of the gamer community, as it now features multiple game modes, track varieties, cars and more additions. The game also features a virtual reality mode and will be available for PlaySation 4 and Xbox One.