How to locate lost or stolen mobile phones without Internet connection?

The vast majority of mobile phone users have suffered the theft or loss of their devices, as mentioned by mobile hacking specialists. As a solution, Samsung created a tool included in all its devices since the launch of the Galaxy smartphone family; called Find My Mobile, this app is designed to help users locate their devices, back up, lock the device and even delete their information remotely. However, the weakness of this tool is that it requires an Internet connection to perform these activities, at least so far.

The latest version of Find My Mobile features a new feature that allows users to find a lost Galaxy device even if the smartphone is not connected to a network. The tool will also allow detecting any Galaxy Watch device and even headphones linked to the user’s smartphone.

Max Weinbach of XDA-Developers shared some screenshots of the new feature. As can be seen from the images, the phone displays a notification of the new update as soon as it is installed on a Galaxy device.

Tapping the notification will instantly open the page to configure the feature, which can be enabled by tapping the button in the upper right corner. Mobile hacking experts mention that the user will also be able to encrypt their offline location from the same settings page. Once the feature is activated, you will be able to find your phone even if someone else has disabled your WiFi connection. 

Although it is very good news, it is still too early to make a judgment on the effectiveness of this new feature, as at the moment it is only available in the United States and South Korea, mentions an enthusiast of Galaxy devices who claims to have accessed official documentation on the project. 

Mobile hacking experts recommend users of Galaxy devices interested in this feature to stay alert of the release of the next version of Find My Mobile.