Every Nintendo Switch model could be jailbroken with this tutorial. Nintendo suing the hackers

The Nintendo Switch handheld console has become very popular, emulating sales of consoles like the PlayStation 4. However, there is a problem with this device: video game crackers have deciphered possible methods of hacking the console, affecting Nintendo’s profits, mentioning information security awareness experts.

Team-Xecuter hackers, jailbroken in the first generation of Switch in 2018, have just announced the development of SX Core and SX Lite, tools to crack all versions of Switch.

According to information security awareness researchers, a cracked switch can be used by downloading network resources and does not require players to purchase authentic games, either in their physical or digital version. After Nintendo announced the correction of exploited vulnerabilities, Team-Xecuter hackers followed their investigation into the console code, putting various cracking tools up for sale through its website.

What has Nintendo done about it? There is currently a legal procedure to prevent Team-Xecuter from further selling these cracking tools. However, given the nature of cracking developed by this group, Nintendo cannot do much to stop users using pirated software, so only new versions of the console remain to be released: “Team-Xecuter illegally designs and manufactures an unauthorized operating system, in addition to the hacking tools that complement it,” Nintendo’s demand mentions.

The company has also managed to shut down some hacking websites, although video game crackers do not stop. In the event that things don’t change, information security awareness specialists anticipate that Nintendo will start reporting ever-increasing economic losses, so it will be difficult to develop quality video games without the fear of loss.