New scam via WhatsApp calls affects more than 50,000 people

Scammers never stop looking for new methods to trick unsuspecting users through remote communication platforms like WhatsApp. This time, experts from a cyber security consulting company mention that threat actors are sending voice notes related to an alleged lottery prize; this malicious campaign has been detected in the United States and even in multiple Latin American countries.

According to reports, it all starts when users receive audio through the mobile app notifying them that their lottery ticket was a $2.5 million USD winner; to collect the prize, the target user has to call an alleged lottery office. It is important to note that the scammers ask the victim to make such phone call only via WhatsApp, mentioned by the experts of the cyber security consulting company. 

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Along with the voice note, victims could also receive images from government agencies and sweepstakes organizations, which could give threat actors greater credibility.

If the victim falls into the trap and calls the alleged lottery office, he will actually contact a member of the scammer gang, who will ask him for money arguing that the prize taxes must be paid. Obviously the victim did not win any prizes and this tax payment will be sent directly to the scammers, so the victim will run out of anything.

Experts from the cyber security consulting company ensure that this fraud has grown rapidly and there may be some variants; for example, in some cases victims could be redirected to a malicious app that will give hackers remote access to their device, fully compromising the affected smartphone.

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