Can fighter jets receive Over The Air security updates just like our phones during a cyber war?

The U.S. Air Force is preparing a demonstration of its ability to send software updates to its combat units, which would represent a significant advance in the military field, a Pentagon representative mentioned.

Nicolas Chaillan, director of air force software, said: “We are working on some important projects that will be revealed in the coming weeks, including the ability to update the software of our fighter jets in mid-flight, which could change war activities as we know them.”

Although the specialist refused to add more details, he claims that the demonstration will serve as proof of concept of a new method that will make it more efficient to update the safety mechanisms of these aircraft.

According to Nextgov, Chaillan leads a Department of Defense initiative that includes a team known as Platform One, in addition to Cloud One, a cloud computing solution whose main goal is to advance software development for the Department of Defense (DOD).

The DOD seeks to create a centralized location with built-in security protocols so developers can launch software updates to aircraft. Cloud One operates with cloud services provided by Amazon and Microsoft.

One, impressing the chief technology players at the Pentagon: “The star of the show was the data that allowed his death chain to take effect, enabled by data entering a cloud, to be transported via 4G and 5G communications at machine speeds to culminate in a chain of deaths that took seconds, not minutes or hours to complete” Chaillan mentions.

Project managers also shared some additional ideas about other priorities, noting that Cloud One could expand to include more providers, including Google: “I would say the project has advanced about 30% of what we expect, we have all the talent available although there is still a very long way to go,” Chaillan concludes.