Anonymous defaces Turkish Parliament website in support of Armenia

World famous hacking group Anonymous has recently targeted against the Turkey’s Grand National Assembly. Through a Facebook post, the hacktivists informed: “Turkish assembly parliament subdomain has been pwned”. It is worth mentioning that the term “pwned” is a variation of the world “owned”, and it’s used in hacking slang to refer a hacked website.

Turkish Assembly Parliament subdomain Pwned #Greece #ArmeniaURL:…

Posted by Anonymous Greece on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Besides the incident details, the hacking group disclosed a support message for Armenia and its people in the Turkish assembly’s website: “Armenia will win this war against evil Turkey and its ally Azerbaijan; killing innocent people and children makes you a terrorist”, Anonymous Greece claims.

In recent hours the hacktivists posted again supporting Armenian soldiers who died in the war against Turkey-backed Azerbaijani army, including Al-Qaeda members sent from Syria: “A great prayer for all Armenian heroes who died for their country – STAY STRONG ARMENIA”. 


Posted by եթե բոլորը on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

As per the context, these mobilizations come as the hacking group was able to took offline more than 100 websites belonging to the Azerbaijani government, as reported by news platform Greek City Times: “As a support message for Armenian people, we attacked 83 terrorist government websites”, mentioned a post by Anonymous Greece.  

Ως μια μικρή συμπαράσταση στους Αρμένιους κατεβάσαμε 83 κυβερνητικά σάιτ του Αζερμπαϊτζάν #Armenia #GreeceΤην λιστα μπορειτε να την δειτε παρακατω.

Posted by Anonymous Greece on Thursday, October 1, 2020

The next day, the hacktivists wrote another statement mentioning that another 76 government websites were attacked, most of them operating with the domain.

No Turkish officials have commented on these incidents.