Police shut down nine black Telegram markets dedicated to drug sales

Local and federal law enforcement agencies in Germany announced the intervention of multiple Telegram groups used as illegal markets, a recent announcement mentions. These groups were used as an alternative to the use of sites on dark web, which increasingly face the measures of the authorities.

In their message, the authorities mention that the investigation into these Telegram groups began in June 2020 with the participation of the Bremen, Chemnitz, Essen, Hagen, Konstanz and Mannheim prosecutors’ offices. The investigation was led by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA).

The operation led to the identification of 28 drug dealers and scammers across the country after a simultaneous raid on 30 different locations. In addition to these arrests, the authorities seized eight weapons, almost 10 thousand euros in cash, in addition to some hard drives and other mobile devices allegedly used in these illegal operations.

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In the latest update on the subject, issued on 31 October, authorities confirmed the arrest of two 25 and 19 year old suspects.

The BKA mentions that identified suspects have also used these Telegram channels for drug trafficking, selling false documentation, stolen information in security incidents and other illegal services.

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Some of the seized Telegram groups are listed below:

  • Silk Road
  • Marktplatz//Schwarzmarkt
  • GermanRefundCrew
  • Cracked Accounts Shop

The investigation is still ongoing, so more arrests and seizures could still take effect, as well as interventions on Telegram groups and sites on the dark web.