Resident Evil” & “Street Fighter” gaming company hacked

Videogame developing company Capcom has disclosed a recent security breach that could have affected its internal systems as hackers could have accessed them. The Japanese company has developed several well-known titles such as “Street Fighter” or “Resident Evil”.

Trough a press release, the company stated that some of its internal networks started showing abnormal activity since early hours of last Monday. 

After detecting the malicious activity, the company shut down some of its systems. However, it seems the attack has not affected players’ online access to the firm’s video games and other online platforms. On the other hand, Capcom has stated that there is no evidence that a threat actor had accessed customers’ confidential data.

Nonetheless, cybersecurity specialists say Capcom users should remain worried about their confidential data: “If you have ever shared financial details with the videogame company, yo might assume that those details could be in the hands of threat actors”, a security report mentioned. Besides, Capcom may be storing other customer’s data, so financial details are not the only potentially exposed information.

Some reports suggest that, in fact, there was a data breach involving Capcom’s clients. Last month, cybersecurity specialists reported that Ubisoft and Crytek, two other videogame companies, suffered a cybersecurity breach due to a ransomware attack that exposed its data through dark web forums. Some experts suggest these data extracted using the Maze ransomware variant in an attack perpetrated by hackers from Egregor.

If Capcom has been hit by the Egregor ransomware group, there are chances are they had been directed to a darknet website operated by the hackers, demanding a cryptocurrency payment in exchange for a decryption key and the promise that stolen data will not be leaked publicly.