One of the largest aircraft manufacturers is hacked. This company has 2 cybersecurity firms

Embraer, a Brazilian company that manufactures commercial, executive, military and livestock aircraft, revealed that its computer systems were the victim of a severe cyberattack detected on November 25.

While the company argues that the attack left one of its computing environments inaccessible without adding further details, some subsequent reports indicate that Embraer was the target of a ransomware attack.

Although the company began its incident response process immediately after detecting cyberattack, this resulted in some temporary disruptions in operations because its potentially exposed systems were isolated.

Antonio Carlos García, vice president of the company, mentioned that operations remain active as the investigation progresses: “We are investing all our efforts to fully standardize operations, investigate the circumstances of the attack, determine if there is any impact on third-party businesses and define the measures to be taken.”

Meanwhile, some local media report that the attack on Embraer is related to a group of ransomware operators. Investigators also mention that the incident temporarily disrupted all of the company’s systems, mainly affecting remote employed people.

In a later statement, the company notes that no further details will be revealed until the investigation is completed. Nothing is yet known about the alleged ransomware variant used by hackers or the sum required for ransom. 

It is worth mentioning that, earlier this year, Embraer Defense & Security invested in two cybersecurity companies, Tempest Security Intelligence and Kryptus, in an effort to diversify its business. It remains ironic that many of the companies recently affected by such incidents belong to the cybersecurity industry, which is a clear sign that any public or private organization could become the next victim of a cyberattack.