Spotify hacking: Pages by artists like Dua Lipa and Lana Del Rey are hacked by Taylor Swift and Donald Trump fan

A Taylor Swift fan seems to have brought his admiration for the singer to an unreleased point, as he decided to hack other artists’ profiles on Spotify, the world’s most widely used music streaming platform.

With the apparent intention of sending messages of support from the singer, this individual identified as Daniel gained access to the pages of some of the most listened to artists on the platform, including Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa, among others.

The alleged hacker also changed the profile photos of these artists, adding a screenshot of their Snapchat account, as well as modifying the biography of the compromised profiles.

In addition to adding messages like “say hello to my queen Taylor Swift,” the individual posted some strange messages, including “Trump 2020” or “add my Snapchat.” Soon after, the streaming platform’s security team restored the affected pages to normal, although it is not yet officially pronounced on the incident.

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Cybersecurity specialists and Spotify users are really surprised by the fact that the security of the platform has been compromised with this apparent ease, although these kinds of problems are more frequent than they seem. A few weeks ago, Spotify warned its users about a credential-filling campaign in which at least 300,000 accounts could have been compromised.

The method the attacker used to access these pages is still unknown. However, information security experts mention that some flaw in the “Spotify for Artists” tool may have been the entry point for completing the unusual attack. This tool is an extension of the main platform with which artists and record labels can get the most out of Spotify.